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Imagine… all your uniform needs from head to toe in one place!

There’s no need to imagine – Cleveland Uniform Inc makes that a reality!

Choose from all the top brands you can trust
Shirts, jackets, pants, boots, pouches, and so much more… all right here! We really are your one-stop uniform shop!

Whether you’re an employer or employee we offer personalized uniforms that are perfect for your
line of work.

Get to Know Cleveland Uniform Inc:

  • Apparel – Shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories
  • Footwear  – Over 150 styles of boots available in many brands
  • Alterations – Patches, embroidery, and more

Safety and practicability at its best
Uniforms are more than just a professional look – it’s important for them to be safe and practical too.

That’s why we offer flame-resistant apparel and other options to provide optimum safety and functionality.

Manufacture’s guarantee
If you are unhappy with your uniform, we’ll send it back to manufacturer to fix your problem.

Call Cleveland Uniform Inc today at 216-631-2211 to get all your uniform needs from head to toe in one place.

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